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  • How do DRA INVESTORS BOT help me make passive income
    DRA INVESTORS uses a trading bot that automates your investing decisions. It analyzes market trends and makes decisions based on data-driven insights, allowing you to make passive income with minimal effort.
  • What types of investments can I make using DRA INVESTORS?
    DRA INVESTORS is designed to help you invest in stocks, options, currencies, and other financial instruments.
  • Is there a fee to use DRA INVESTORS BOT?
    Yes, there is a fee to use DRA INVESTORS BOT. The fee is 30% on the weekly profit you make with the bot. There is no monthly subscription fee.
  • Can I start investing with $1000?
    Yes, many brokerages have no minimum account size and will offer zero-commission trading, allowing you to begin investing with even very small amounts. In fact, now with many brokers offering fractional shares, you can invest in stocks even if their share price is over $1000. Learn More:How to Invest $1,000
  • How can I invest with no money?
    While you can’t invest with zero money, you can invest with very little. Many stock brokers offer accounts with no minimum balance and no trading commissions so almost any amount you add to your account can be used to invest. Learn More: How to Invest When You're Broke
  • Why should I invest?
    You should invest because investing allows your savings to go farther than they otherwise would. Simply holding your savings as cash means it will just sit and be slowly diluted by inflation, whereas even in the safest investments it will earn some money for you, building on itself. Learn More: Why Should I Consider Investing?
  • When should I start investing?
    As soon as you can afford to. Because investment returns compound, that is, the money you earn from investing then earns money, the sooner you begin investing, the more time you give for this process to work. Learn More: 5 Advantages of Investing in Your 20s
  • Why Aloe?
    Aloe vera is our key ingredient. It has been celebrated for centuries for its wonderful properties. Aloe vera can be used both for your inside and outside. This is why it’s the foundation of many of our products. We only use the finest inner leaf gel, with its unique blend of substances, to produce products of the very highest quality.
  • What types of products does Forever Living Products offer?
    Forever Living Products offers a range of high quality health and beauty products. Our products include Aloe vera drinking gels, lotions, weight management systems, vitamin supplements, skincare and much more! We have over 100 products to browse and explore
  • What is your return policy?
    Customers have a 90-day, from date of purchase, 100% money back guarantee (excluding shipping). All orders placed by Forever Business Owners are considered final sales and cannot be returned. In the event of a product defect, we will gladly replace with a new product. Please review the General Terms and Conditions/Company Policies and Procedures for detailed information.
  • Where are your facilities located?
    Our facilities include Aloe fields in the Dominican Republic and Mission, Texas, manufacturing facilities in Phoenix, Arizona and Dallas, Texas, and a distribution facility in the Netherlands. Forever offices span the globe. Click here to see our offices around the world.
  • What does the company do?
    We are a technology company with a passion and focused interest in innovations and education that will benefit people today and for years to come. Skills learned in trading and wealth management can be passed on from generation to generation and provide additional financial security in families around the world. The company is comprised of experienced professionals in the IT, financial, media, personal development and marketing industries. We are more than a company selling a product or a service, we are a community in which we want to see people grow, develop and achieve dreams and goals that they thought were not possible. We are based in California and yet operate globally with affiliates in over 50 countries. We do operate as a direct marketing company, relying on the talents and skills of our affiliates to share the company’s vision, and rewarding affiliates for their leadership and efforts.
  • Where does The Company come from?
    Headquarters: 1980 Festival Plaza Drive Summerlin South #300 Las Vegas , NV 89135 United States
  • What is the age limit to start with trading?
    18 years old.
  • What does Eaconomy do?
    eaconomy™ is an education and technology company providing skills, training, and to help people achieve personal greatness in all areas of their life with a unique focus on trading in the financial markets.
  • Does Eaconomy garantuee results?
    DISCLAIMER Past profits are not necessarily indicative of future results. We make no guarantees that you will make money. You should always consukt with a financial advisor regarding all risks associated with trading.
  • Risk Warning
    Before you enter foreign exchange and stock markets, you have to remember that trading currencies and other investment products is trading in nature and always involves a considerable risk. As a result of various financial fluctuations, you may not only significantly increase your capital, but also lose it completely. Therefore, our clients have to assure eaconomy™ that they understand all the possible consequences of such risks, they know all the specifics, rules and regulations governing the use of investment products, including corporate events, resulting in the change of underlying assets. Client understands that there are special risks and features that affect prices, exchange rates and investment products. These risks include decrease in liquidity, price change, high volatility and circumstances beyond control. Before you open an account with us, make sure to study in detail the user agreement, as well as the basic principles and rules of the financial markets. eaconomy™ is not liable for any damages that occurred as a result of government restrictions, regulations of foreign exchange or stock markets, military actions, suspension of trading and other circumstances beyond control.
  • Refund Policy
    We Guarantee Your Satisfaction! We understand that sometimes purchases don’t go as planned. If you regret or accidentally make a purchase of one of our Membership products or services, you may be able to get a refund. The Company offers a seven (7) day, 100% money back, Satisfaction Guarantee to all Members. Except as otherwise required by applicable law, during the first seven (7) days from the date of your initial product or service enrollment or payment (whichever occurs first), you may cancel your Eaconomy Membership Agreement without penalty and receive a 100% refund of all Membership fees paid. Except as otherwise required by applicable law, after seven (7) days you may cancel your Membership at any time in accordance with the terms of the Membership Agreement terms but you will not be eligible to receive a refund of fees paid. Refund Process: Refunds will be issued to the payment method used for your original purchase. All refunds are processed and paid in US dollars. We do not accept responsibility for any international transaction fees or exchange rate fluctuations that may impact the refund amount received by a Member. If we receive multiple refund requests related to a series of connected or associated accounts and/or patterned enrollment and refund requests in connection with Member accounts, we reserve the right to suspend the accounts in question and investigate the circumstances of such refund requests prior to making any refund. Chargebacks: In order to combat potential fraud our policy on chargeback is as follows: Once a chargeback occurs with respect to a Member account, that Member account will be suspended. Fraud alerts and requests for information (i.e., cardholder or card-issuing bank querying authenticity) may be treated the same way as chargebacks. If multiple chargebacks happen with respect to the same Member account, we reserve the right to terminate that Member account. This Refund Policy does not apply to Affiliate Marketing Kit (“AMK”) enrollments which are subject to the terms of the AMK / ISP Agreement and Policies and Procedures. If you have any questions about this Refund Policy, please contact Office: Eaconomy 1980 Summerlin South #300 Las Vegas , NV 89135 United States
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