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📣 Announcements, Amazing Announcements 📣

Today Ceo, Suki Chen made big Announcements !!! Earn.World is open for all and it will largely ENHANCE your business, this is how:

1️⃣With every node you purchase you will get a license for 7 years

2️⃣You will get additional profit per month  to your regular profits in Earn.World by purchasing a node.

👉10% additional profit if you purchase a Shared node.

👉20% additional with a Dedicated Node and the OUTSTANDING 40% additional per month when buying the Dedicated Pro Node 🤑

3️⃣To earn from Earn.World in your uni-level you need to have at least $100 portfolio in

⚡️Remember this will be implemented TODAY with every NEW Node purchase . If you already have a Node you are not eligible for 10/20/40% additional profit. So buy your Node & get additional profits 🤘

🤩That’s not all we are launching a MASSIVE PROMOTION - 50% ADDITIONAL RANK ROYALTY

🔔 All the accounts placed from 1 July can be a part of this massive promotion. You have entire month of July to get 50% ADDITIONAL Rank Royalty 🔔

Who is ready to earn more with Streakk? Let's see those hearts!! ❤️

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